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The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County has put forth a platform for our Party that defines our core principles, establishes a foundation from which to craft effective messaging, fosters outreach to those who share our values, inspires new interest in our Party, attracts qualified like-minded candidates, and provides policy positions for our candidates and elected officials.

Whereas the United States of America is founded on the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and that all men are created free and equal, our platform shall always remain consistent with these principles. We support, in its entirety, the platform of the Republican National Committee and the Constitution of the United States of America. Further, it is our belief that:

  • Free Market Economy - Fueled by the private sector, the free market is the foundation for successful businesses, strong families, job growth, individual prosperity, safe and thriving neighborhoods, and the funding of important government services.
  • Strong Family and American Values – The family, as the center of society, is the best place to nurture children, develop values, principles, and morals, with limited government interference. The dignity of hard work, respect for individuals, and love of country, are the founding principles of our country.
  • Educational Excellence and Workforce Development - Educating our youth and preparing our work force is crucial to the success and growth of the private sector.
  • Faith, Community, and Diversity – Every person has the right to pursue happiness, practice their faith and worship God. All life is sacred, and every person has unlimited potential to contribute to society.
  • Effective Government - Government best protects individual freedom and liberty when its size and scope is limited. Citizens deserve a government that is free from corruption, creates beneficial policies, and is run by officials of integrity.
  • Protection for Voters – The electorate in Cuyahoga County deserve to have their vote protected with laws that discourage fraud, and that ensure voters can have confidence in our electoral system.

The Platform Of The RPCC (Download)



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