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The RPCC Executive Committee is an integral part of the Republican Party organization. The Committee is the fundraising arm of the Party, and annual dues are collected. The responsibilities of membership are to select the Republican board members of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, screen Republican candidates, and provide guidance on RPCC political operations and strategy.

Executive Committee members receive an official RPCC membership card, which serves as their voting credentials, an opportunity to join sub-committees of the Committee, and invitations/member pricing to all RPCC events. In addition, they are also invited to quarterly briefings with RPCC staff.

Executive Committee dues are $100.00. To become an Executive Committee member, sign up below:


Executive Committee Plus

  Executive Committee Plus members enjoy all the benefits of Executive Committee membership plus additional exclusive rewards.

In addition to the benefits listed above and special listing on the RPCC website, Executive Committee Plus members also receive a complimentary ticket and VIP access to all sessions of the RPCC Breakfast Series, and a complimentary ticket to the RPCC Annual Picnic where they will be recognized as special event sponsors.

Executive Committee Plus dues are $250.00. To become an Executive Committee Plus member, sign up below:
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